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Power Rankings (April 21)

This week’s power rankings… (here’s a LINK to last week’s)

1. Arizona Diamondbacks (13-5): Best record in MLB, a plus-51 run differential and now the Big Unit is back.
Boston Red Sox (13-7): An 8-2 record in last 10 justifies a shot 10 spots up rankings. Just wait till Papi hits.
Chicago White Sox (11-7): CHI has pop, pitching has been excellent, plus-32 run differential and 7-4 on road
Chicago Cubs (12-6): Lilly has been awful, yet Cubbies have won 7-of-10 and three straight. D-Lee is on fire.
5. St. Louis Cardinals (12-7): Lost two straight, but they’ve only allowed 68 runs in 19 games. Pretty amazing.
6. Milwaukee Brewers (11-7): Fielder/Braun/Hardy/Weeks/Hall all hitting under .240 and MIL is still 11-7.
Los Angeles Angels (12-8): Yes, Lackey and Escobar are hurt, but Saunders and Santana have been stellar.
8. Oakland Athletics (12-8): The roster doesn’t impress, but they keep competing & winning. Billy Beane baby.
9. New York Mets (10-7):  I should have them higher than OAK. Too lazy to change it. But Mets are making WS.
10. Toronto Blue Jays (10-9): Not sure how record isn’t better, I blame Burnett. Everyone else has been good..
11. Atlanta Braves (9-9): They need to be in Top 10, I messed up again. Four wins in a row and 3.49 team ERA.
12. Florida Marlins (11-7): FLA has outscored its opponents by 14 runs, yet 4 games over .500. Won’t last.
13. Seattle Mariners (10-10):  I took  “King” Felix in all four of my fantasy leagues. Good move, Eli. CY Young!
14. New York Yankees (10-10): Bad news: A-Rod is banged up. Good news: Joba back, Jeter back and NY is NY.
15. Baltimore Orioles (11-8): Amazing they have this record, considering 4.34 team ERA and .254 team AVG.
16. Philadelphia Phillies (9-10): Hamels & Myers have been great. Speaking of Myers, well, just check THIS.
17. Colorado Rockies (9-9):  Love this team, but how does Jimenez have 3.72 ERA with 21 H and 15 BB in 19 IP?
18. Minnesota Twins (9-10): No Johan, but MIN still solid, as always. This organization jdoes things right.
19. San Diego Padres (9-10): Honestly, give this guy the CY already. This staff is scary good right now.
20. Tampa Bay Rays (8-11):  Rays are getting better every year. But let’s be real, they are still years away.
21. Los Angeles Dodgers (7-11):  Andruw Jones is awful. Right now he’s making last year look good. Not easy.
22. San Francisco Giants (8-11): Guarantee SF never gets higher than this again. Lincecum = filthy.
23. Detroit Tigers (6-13): Starting to hit, Granderson comin’ back soon, Dontrelle not pitching…all good things.
24. Houston Astros (7-12): HOU is hitting .229. Tejada (.310) only guy above .280, even though he’s 50-years-old.
25. Kansas City Royals (9-10): Started off well, now, not so much. Four losses in a row…ya, that’s about right.
26. Cincinnati Reds (8-11): I think this team could finish .500 with Harang/Cueto/Volquez as a dynamic trio.
27. Cleveland Indians (7-12): I told everyone I know before the season started: CLE is OVERRATED. I’m sorry.
28. Texas Rangers (7-12): Josh Hamilton is good. So ya. How bout them Red Sox?
29. Pittsburgh Pirates (7-11): PIT will never be good. PNC Park is gorgeous though. I Like the jersey’s, too.
30. Washington Nationals (5-14): Last team alphabetically and in the rankings. Neither will ever change. 


Power Rankings (April 13)

1. Arizona Diamondbacks (9-2): Eight wins in a row, and Justin Upton makes this a no-brainer.
2. Oakland Athletics (8-4): Second-longest win streak (5) and a perfect 5-0 mark on the road.
3. St. Louis Cardinals (9-3): 39 runs allowed in 12 games, Rick Ankiel and Co. are hitting, too.
4. Milwaukee Brewers (7-4): Good problem: when Gallardo comes back, who gets bumped??
5. Chicago White Sox (6-4): If Gavin Floyd keeps this up, Sox could be very dangerous.
6. Baltimore Orioles (7-4): Maybe ranked high (easy schedule), but hitting has been surprise.
7. Minnesota Twins (6-5): Won three in a row and now get Liriano back. Should be interesting.
8. Toronto Blue Jays (6-5): 2nd in AL East, team is hitting, but Burnett needs to step it up.
9. Seattle Mariners (6-6): Offense is struggling some, but team ERA is stellar (3.91).
10. Florida Marlins (7-4): Record is good, but FLA has been outscored by 10 runs. Plus, it’s the Marlins.
11. New York Mets (5-5): My pick for NL World Series rep. Only 38 runs allowed. They don’t need Pedro.
12. Boston Red Sox (6-6): Record isn’t great, but tough schedule and we all know they’ll be fine.
13. Philadelphia Phillies (6-6): Burrell/Utley/Rollins are hitting. Everyone else? Not so much.
14. Chicago Cubs (6-5): Pitching is worrisome, for sure. But I just love the balance in that offense.
15. Atlanta Braves (5-6): I was skeptical before season, I believe now. They have everything except a closer.
16. New York Yankees (6-6): Don’t fret Yanks fans, they will make the playoffs. I say they win the East.
17. Cincinnati Reds (6-6): Cueto/Volquez/Harang trio is exciting. Not much else is with them.
18. Kansas City Royals (6-5): Good record but they’ve lost 3 in a row. And they are the Royals.
19. San Diego Padres (6-6): I don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs, but Peavy is winning another CY.
20. Los Angeles Dodgers (5-6): This team is going to challenge ARI all year long for West crown.
21. Los Angeles Angels (6-6): Just holding court till they get their pitchers back (they need them)
22. Pittsburgh Pirates (5-6): I apologize to PIT fans…but will this team ever win anything?
23. Tampa Bay Rays (5-6): Love the talent, as always. Still at least two years away. Sorry.
24. Texas Rangers (5-6): They are pitching well, but it won’t last. Boring team, except for Hamilton.
25. Cleveland Indians (4-7): This has nothing to do with the 4-7 record, they are OVERRATED!
26. Colorado Rockies (4-7): Team ERA: 5.06. Team AVG: .231. Not good.
27. Houston Astros (4-8): Check out the no-names on this staff. And Oswalt is not good right now.
28. San Francisco Giants (4-8): Matt Cain could throw a no-hitter, and they would still lose.
29. Detroit Tigers (2-9): Most feared offense has been awful. Plus, Dontrelle Willis is awful.
30. Washington Nationals (3-9): And now we know why nobody believed that 3-0 start. Nice ballpark, though!

Power Rankings: Week 2

By Mike Ricciardi

Contributing Writer

Here’s the second edition of the Power Rankings. There was a lot of movement from the first edition. These were a lot harder than I thought they would be. A lot of good teams towards the bottom of the list but they deserve it with what’s transpired. Hope you agree & enjoy.

1. Atlanta Braves – Looks like the Braves are back but Hampton injury might hurt in long run.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks – Diamondbacks are on fire to start the season.

3. Los Angeles Angels – Vladimir Guerrero will carry this offense.

4. New York Mets – Offense is ridiculous and pitching is solid.

5. Cincinnati Reds – They always start hot will it last?

6. Minnesota Twins – Great combination of pitching and hitting.

7. Florida Marlins – Hanley Ramirez getting injured must of scared everyone.

8. Toronto Blue Jays – Could compete in strong AL East this year.

9. Cleveland Indians – Grady Sizemore will challenge for the MVP award.

10. New York Yankees – Pitching looks shaky. A-Rod looks like he’s back to being the best.

11. Boston Red Sox – Did anyone doubt that Papelbon would save that game the other night?

12. San Diego Padres – One of the best bullpens in baseball.

13. Pittsburgh Pirates – Ian Snell is the real deal. Team has a ton of upside.

14. Detroit Tigers – Starting off slower then last year. Pitching will take them to promise land.

15. Colorado Rockies – A year or two away but these young kids can play.

16. Seattle Mariners – Felix Hernandez might be the best pitcher in the AL.

17. Chicago White Sox – John Danks is pitching good enough to forget about that McCarthy guy.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers – Schmidt getting injured will really screw this team over.

19. Chicago Cubs – Mark Cuban might be the only guy who can afford this team.

20. Milwaukee Brewers – Ben Sheets healthy is a scary thought for NL Central.

21. St. Louis Cardinals – If Pujols doesn’t hit and Carpenter is out for a long time their in trouble.

22. Baltimore Orioles – Erik Bedard is one of the best kept secrets.

23. Texas Rangers – Pitching better then their hitting. Imagine that?

24. Oakland A’s – They need more than Rich Harden.

25. Houston Astros – Praying Roger Clemens walks through that door ASAP.

26. Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Got a steal in Akinori Iwamaru.

27. Philadelphia Phillies – Disappointing start at 1-6.

28. San Francisco Giants – Barry and Barry need to do better.

29. Kansas City Royals – Alex Gordon is not the next phenom.

30. Washington Nationals – Is this really a MLB baseball team?

Power Rankings: Week 1

By Eli Rosenswaike

Blog Editor

On every monday throughout the season, Mike and I will give our weekly "power rankings."

Here is the first installment…

  1. Boston Red Sox – Matsuzaka mania breeds high expectations
  2. New York Yankees – Insane offense could score 1,000 + runs
  3. Detroit Tigers – Return trip to WS distinct possibility
  4. New York Mets – If Pedro comes back, look out NL
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers – Jason Schmidt signing = NL West favorites
  6. St. Louis Cardinals – Better chance at repeating than you think
  7. Cleveland Indians – "Chick pick" in AL, but I worry about rotation
  8. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – If rotation healthy, this team is elite
  9. Philadelphia Phillies – Offense is there, is Myers and Garcia? That’s key
  10. Oakland Athletics – Harden needs to be cy-young candidate for OAK
  11. Atlanta Braves – Hudson poised for bounce-back year, and they need it
  12. Chicago White Sox – Best 3-4-5 punch in Dye, Konerko and Thome in MLB
  13. Arizona Diamondbacks – "Chick pick" in NL, Big-Unit on DL. Team too young
  14. Minnesota Twins – Cy-Young, MVP, and batting champ. But 2-3-4-5 starters?
  15. Milwaukee Brewers – Talented and young team needs Sheets to win 20
  16. Toronto Blue Jays – This team can really hit, but will Roy and AJ be healthy?
  17. San Diego Padres – Veteran team with leadership. Could win the West
  18. Chicago Cubs – Money spent well? Maybe, but will be a much better team
  19. Houston Astros – If they get the "Rocket," this team shoots up the list
  20. San Francisco Giants – Barry and Barry…if they produce;  team makes noise
  21. Seattle Mariners – Tough team to figure out. But fun to watch w/ King Felix
  22. Baltimore Orioles – Bedard/Loewen/Cabrera could be scary. Wrong division
  23. Colorado Rockies – Looked great in the spring. Doesn’t mean too much
  24. Texas Rangers – Could surprise people, but looking like 3rd or 4th in West
  25. Florida Marlins – 2006 was a bit of a fluke, but this team is super-talented
  26. Cincinnati Reds – Team strikes out too much. Harang and Arroyo, what else?
  27. Pittsburgh Pirates – I like this team to be a lot better. 27th too low perhaps
  28. Tampa Bay Devil Rays – No pitching, but will be a pleasure to watch in OF
  29. Kansas City Royals – Meche helps slightly. But still the Royals. Sorry
  30. Washington Nationals – Lock to lose 110 games. Absolutely no pitching