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In need of advice…

For all you fantasy baseball fiends out there, your services are in need.

I’m in a pretty intense keeper league, and need to decide on my four keepers heading into this season. I have three selected already — Hanley Ramirez, Johan Santana and Jimmy Rollins — but the fourth is up in the air.

Here are the options…

1. Victor Martinez: Probably the best option at catcher, which is a rather weak position.

2. Felix Hernandez: He’s not a top 10 pitcher yet, but nobody would be surprised if he became one this season. Plus, this is a keeper league, and I love that he’s 22-years-old.

3. Magglio Ordonez: He was an absolute monster last season. Led all of MLB in hitting (.363) and with the incredible Detroit lineup his RBI totals (139 last year) could actually improve this season. And, he is my all-time favorite player behind Roberto Clemente. It’s amazing, but I don’t think I’m going to take him even though he led the majors in hitting and finished 2nd in RBIs to A-Rod. The outfield position is just so deep.

4. Brandon Phillips: At first, I didn’t think he was a real option. And now, I am strongly considering him. Second base is always incredibly thin, and Phillips is a potential 30-30 guy. Only Chase Utley and maybe BJ Upton are better optins at second. However, with J-Roll and Hanley, I don’t really need the steals all that badly.

5. John Lackey: The Angels are going to be good as always, and there is no reason Lackey won’t match those 19 wins and plenty of K’s.

6. Scott Kazmir: The strikeout king last year in the AL. He is only getting better and better, and you would think he will get more wins in 2008. But he still plays on TB.

…Also, I have Yovani Gallardo as a minor-league keeper, so keep that in mind. With Johan and Yovani, maybe it would be a better idea to go offense.

But I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you.

Please help me! Leave me suggestions…