Remembering Nick Adenhart

I did not personally know Nick Adenhart, who passed away tragically Thursday morning. But the devastating news hits home.

He was just 22-years-old. It can happen to anybody — it really makes you think. As a 23-year-old college senior and aspiring sportswriter, who has personally been involved in two scary car accidents, this hits home.

Never take anything for granted. Remind people who you care about that you love them. Everyday.

All I can do is send my best wishes to the Adenhart family, his friends and to those who knew him. You are all in my thoughts.

For those who want to learn more about Adenhart and the reaction to the saddening news, I’ve created a list of some relevant material.


VIDEO: Teammate Torii Hunter reacts to the tragic news
VIDEO: Agent Scott Boras talks about Adenhart’s character
VIDEO: Peter Gammons reacts
VIDEO: Buster Olney reacts
VIDEO: Angels organization reacts
AUDIO: Steve Phillips gives perspective
PHOTO: A gallery of pictures of Adenhart
PHOTO: Career in photos
PHOTO: Scenes from the crash
STORY: Baseball players, coaches shocked at news
STORY: Baseball family reacts
STORY: Selig, MLB postpones tonight’s Angels game
STORY: A look back at other tragic losses
STORY: Another look back at baseball’s tragic deaths
STORY: Another tragedy for the Angels
STORY: Readers react to news
STORY: Minor league teammates react, reflect
STORY: Teammates react
COMMENTARY: No words for tragedy
COMMENTARY: An Angels reporter remembers Adenhart
COMMENTARY: Promising career ends tragically
COMMENTARY: A shock to everyone
MESSAGE BOARD: Fans offer best wishes, condolences 
PRESS RELEASE: Angels statement


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One comment

  1. thelastpiratesfan

    Very good list of reactions there. Nick Adenhart is one month younger than me, and I, much like you, have been involved in a couple of serious car accidents. It makes me really appreciate life even more…
    This is a tough time and I hope that everyone keeps the Adenhart family in their thoughts and prayers.

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