Somebody Find This Man a Muzzle

The Seattle Mariners, well, stink — to put it in the nicest way possible.

They have way too many issues in that organization to blame it on one front-office executive, coach or player.

But if you are inclined to blame one specific person, starting pitcher Carlos Silva would be a great place to start.

Maybe it’s the expensive free-agent contract he signed in the offseason (four years, $48 million), coupled with his horrific results. And I do mean, horrific.

You know, the 4-13 record.

Or the 5.93 ERA.

Or the 182 hits allowed in 136.2 innings.

Or the putrid .322 opponents batting average, 1.51 WHIP or 3.89 K/9.

Basically, take your pick. Silva, alongside Livan Hernandez, has been unquestionably the worst pitcher in all of baseball this season.

But that hasn’t stopped Silva from calling out his teammates, as Geoff Baker wrote in the Seattle Times the other day. 

Here is some of what Silva had to say about his teammates in the story…

“I don’t care if we are 40 games behind, we should have played better
than this,” Silva said. “For me, every game is important. For me, if we
are where we are right now, we should take it one game at a time and
play one day at a time. Thinking, ‘We’ve got to win this game.’ And
when the day is over, ‘We’ve got to win the next one.’ “

And, this…

“Maybe half of the team wants to do the best they can,” Silva said.
“Take the starting rotation … every time we cross that line, we want
to do our best. No matter how many games we are behind. But maybe half
of the team doesn’t have that mentality. They are only thinking of
finishing strong. And to put up their numbers. That’s great, but that
affects us. As a team, that doesn’t work out.”

There are plenty more gems from Silva — remember, the SAME Silva that is 4-13 with a 5.93 ERA — so read Baker’s story.

That’s my advice for you. My advice for Silva?

Look in the mirror. And then, shut your mouth.

And come to think of it, maybe you should give some of that money back to the organization. Or me, I’m kind of broke right now.

But basically, keep quiet.


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