Worst Pitcher Ever?

Things on my Mind:

–Now that Jose Lima is back up to the bigs starting for the Mets, let me talk about just how absolutely horrendous he is.

  • Only 22 pitchers in history (before this season) have had a season with an ERA above 6.50 with at least 150 innings pitched. Of course Jose Lima was a member of that list when in 2000 his ERA was 6.65 after the season.
  • And what do you know? Last year with the mighty Royals he accomplished something that none of the other 21 players ever had. He did it AGAIN. In fact his ERA was so bad it almost swelled to 7.00. He finished the season at 6.99 after throwing 169.2 innings. He had 5 wins and 16 losses.

–Let’s go year by year and show how poor his career has really been…

Year         Games              Innings Pitched          ERA          Won/Loss Record

1994              3                             7.2                        13.50                     0-1

1995             15                           74.2                         6.11                      3-9

1996             39                           73.2                         5.70                      5-6

1997             52                            75                           5.28                      1-6

1998             33                          233.1                       3.70                      16-8

1999             35                          246.1                       3.58                     21-10

2000             33                          196.1                       6.65                      7-16

2001             32                          166.2                       5.54                      6-12

2002             20                           68.1                        7.77                       4-6

2003             14                           73.1                        4.91                       8-3

2004             36                          170.1                       4.07                     13-5

2005             32                          169.2                       6.99                     5-16

2006              2                            10.2                        9.31                      0-1

Totals        346 G                   1,560 IP                5.24 ERA           89 W- 99 L

Obviously Lima had a few good seasons.  But take out his two best seasons (1998,1999) and his career record is 52-81 and his ERA is a good deal worse than that already abysmal 5.24.  His seasons in 2000 and 2005 are so legendarily horrendous.  Seriously, how did this guy stay in the rotation for that long in each of those years?  Earlier this year I thought the Mets had a shot to win the World Series, but now that Jose Lima has made their rotation, I have officially ruled out the Mets from World Series Contention.  It’s not Lima Time in New York.

–Here’s something that should be fun to follow.  The following pitchers have yet to give up an earned run this season (minimum 9 IP), let’s see who goes the longest… (Duaner Sanchez’ streak ended at 21.2 IP)

  1. Ramon Ramirez (COL)  14 IP
  2. Rheal Cormier (PHI) 11.1 IP
  3. Dave Borkowski (HOU) 9.1 IP      

–My Picks for May 13th (winner in bold)

  1. Mariners @ Angels
  2. Rangers @ Red Sox
  3. Tigers @ Indians
  4. A’s @ Yankees
  5. Royals @ Orioles
  6. Blue Jays @ Devil Rays
  7. White Sox @ Twins
  8. Dodgers @ Giants
  9. Padres @ Cubs
  10. Marlins @ Pirates
  11. Phillies @ Reds
  12. Nationals @ Braves
  13. Mets @ Brewers
  14. Rockies @ Astros
  15. Diamondbacks @ Cardinals

       –My Current Record: 309-221 (11-4 yesterday)

–My Selections for May 13th, 2006:

Beat the Streak: Jim Thome
Beat the Streak Home Run Edition: Jim Thome
Survivor: n/a

–My Current Status:

Beat the Streak: 1 game
Beat the Streak Home Run Edition: 0 games
Survivor: Eliminated



  1. heybeanieboy@yahoo.com

    I enjoyed your piece on Jose Lima, but I think you are underrating him. How bad can you be if you win 20 games in a year in the Major Leagues? I suggest you take a look at the early record of Red Ruffing when he was with the Red Sox. I think he started out 39 wins and 91 losses!! Yet, he wound up in the Hall of Fame!!! What a difference a team makes. Check it out Eli. I actually think a list of the 10 worst pitchers would be a good idea to argue about. Why don’t you write an article on that and we can comment on the horrible pitchers you missed! Jerry

  2. Eli

    I don’t literally think he is the worst pitcher of all time. But let’s be honest, this guy is terrible. He’s had it for 5+ years now and it’s a joke he is still in the league. The Mets should be ashamed of themselves for even signing this guy. They have to find a replacement for this guy this instant.

  3. Eli

    I’m not a Met fan and I feel like begging the Mets front office to release this guy. I can’t imagine how Met fans feel.

  4. districtboys@aol.com

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