Projecting A-Rod/Prince Albert

Things on my Mind:

–Now that the White Sox called up their young knuckleballer (Charlie Haeger), I think I will discuss my feelings of these “pitchers.” While I think Tim Wakefield is a good player and all I don’t consider him a real pitcher. Pitching is so mental. It’s all about setting up hitters. It’s about climbing the ladder with two strikes to strike out the hitter. It’s about nibbling on those corners. It’s about pounding the hitter inside then going outside to get the out. Wakefield doesn’t do these things. He doesn’t even think out there. He just throws that 60 MPH knuckler and he has NO idea whatsoever where in the world the thins is going. Greg Maddux is the true embodiment of a pitcher. There is no pitcher out there that I have more respect for. That guy KNOWS how to pitch. Wake doesn’t pitch, he just floats a pitch out there without thinking or knowing what will happen. I am not saying I don’t respect what he does out there, because I do. I just don’t consider him a true pitcher. I am not taking anything away from him, because he’s had a very good career and is a very valuable guy to have on your staff. I applaud him for that great pitch that he has. I simply can’t view him as a real pitcher, that’s all.

–The last few days I’ve mentioned how incredible Albert Pujols is. So I thought it would be fun to predict Albert’s career statistics. But when you talk about Pujols you have to mention Alex Rodriguez in the same breath. Alex may not be having a great year yet by his standards, but this guy’s whole career has been absolutely astounding. So right here, right now, I am going to predict the career numbers for both A-Rod and Prince Albert. Let’s start with Rodriguez…

–Alex Rodriguez: Projected career stats after 2006 season:

  • 1,350 R
  • 2,080 H
  • 370 2B
  • 470 HR
  • 1,330 RBI
  • 810 BB
  • 1,390 K
  • 240 SB
  • .306 AVG
  • .387 OBP
  • .578 SLG

–Now, I must predict how many more seasons he will play, factoring in possible injuries and decline in production as he gets older. I figured he would play five more years after this season at relatively the same amount of production. He would be 36 years old after the 2011 season. I then say he will play 3-4 more years at a good level. Keep in mind I only took 30 minutes on this and it is a rough estimate. Here’s what I’ve come up with for career numbers…

–Alex Rodriguez: Projected career stats:

  • 2,244 R (3rd all time; 1 behind Ty Cobb)
  • 3,589 H (5th all time)
  • 614 2B (11th all time)
  • 802 HR (1st all time)
  • 2,135 RBI (3rd all time)
  • 1,448 BB (20th all time)
  • 2,217 K (2nd all time)
  • 338 SB (100th all time; tied with Willie Mays)
  • .302 AVG
  • .379 OBP (82nd all time)
  • .566 SLG (12th all time)

–Albert Pujols: Projected career stats after 2006 season:

  • 774 R
  • 1,182 H
  • 243 2B
  • 258 HR
  • 775 RBI
  • 516 BB
  • 402 K
  • 43 SB
  • .334 AVG
  • .420 OBP
  • .632 SLG

–Seriously, this guy is an absolute MONSTER. I don’t think he is human to be honest. This guy was drafted in the 13th round out of a community college from the state of Missouri. The Cardinals took him because he was a guy who went to college in the neighborhood and they saw him. He absolutely tore up the league the second he came up to the show. Why wasn’t this guy taken earlier? He MUST have done something well in college. Projections for Albert are MUCH MUCH more difficult to make the A-Rod’s were for a variety of reasons. First, we don’t know if Albert will play most of his career in the new Busch Stadium and we don’t know for sure how good of a hitters park it is yet. Second, A-Rod’s sample size is more than double Albert’s so we know what to expect from A-Rod more. And who knows what Albert is capable of seriously. I figured he’s good for eight more years of prime seasons which would make him 34 years old.  Then i gave him five years of solid production to round out his career.  Without further ado, here are my ridiculously early career projections…

–Albert Pujols: Projected career stats:

  • 2,249 R (2nd all time)
  • 3,556 H (5 all time)
  • 694 2B (5th all time)
  • 806 HR (1st all time)
  • 2,296 RBI (2nd all time; 1 behind Hank Aaron)
  • 1,898 BB (5th all time)
  • 1,239 K
  • 115 SB
  • .322 AVG (35th all time)
  • .402 OBP (23rd all time)
  • .611 SLG (4th all time)

–Here’s something that should be fun to follow.  The following pitchers have yet to give up an earned run this season (minimum 9 IP), let’s see who goes the longest… (Duaner Sanchez’ streak ended at 21.2 IP)

  1. Ramon Ramirez (COL)  14 IP
  2. Rheal Cormier (PHI) 11.1 IP
  3. Dave Borkowski (HOU) 9.1 IP

–My Picks for May 11th (winner in bold)

  1. Tigers @ Orioles
  2. Red Sox @ Yankees
  3. A’s @ Blue Jays
  4. Angels @ White Sox
  5. Mets @ Phillies
  6. Diamondbacks @ Pirates
  7. Braves @ Marlins
  8. Nationals @ Reds
  9. Brewers @ Padres
  10. Astros @ Dodgers
  11. Cubs @ Giants

       My Current Record: 292-215 (9-6 yesterday)

–My Selections for May 11th, 2006:

Beat the Streak: No pick today
Beat the Streak Home Run Edition: No pick today
Survivor: n/a

–My Current Status:

Beat the Streak: 2 games
Beat the Streak Home Run Edition: 0 games
Survivor: Eliminated




    you don’t consider wakefield a pitcher?? Do you know someone called Phil Niekro, he was knuckleballer, and by the way, he is in the hall of fame


    I like the argument Eli, but i dont agree man. Your criteria for a pitcher is a little on the narrrow minded side. Maddux is an amazing pitcher, he is what is known as a finesse pitcher and you know that. Clemens as we know is a powerpitcher, he throws a baseball as hard as he can and gets it past you. Wakefiled is a knuckleballer. They are all pitchers and specalize in their own way. It is rediculously hard to throw the ball the way he does and although he does not paint the corners or get into the heads of hitters he is still a respectable pitcher for what he does. I find it hard to argue your point Eli and this is all i could really come up with. I hope to come up with something a little more convincing.

  3. Eli

    I mentioned how I have a great deal of respect for Wakefield’s accomplishments and how great his knuckleball is. I just do not respect him the way I do a Greg Maddux or a Tom Glavine.


    Eli, i do not doubt your respect for Wakefield. I didnt even bring to attention this claim. All i want you to do is expand your definition of a pitcher. Maddux and Glavine are not the only form of pitching. Eli you made the statement that Wakefield is not a pitcher and i am just disputting that to say that he is, there are a lot of different styles of pitching.


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